Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This Easter came way to quickley! I was so disappointed when it snowed the Friday morning before, but the weather sure did pull through as best as it could for us. 
Love the neighborhood egg hunts, having the Easter Bunny as a motivator to be extra good, and the bright and sunny colors that fill up the primary room in Church as all the little kids wear their new Easter outfits. 
impromptu smelling of the flowers.

 This year Little B got the whole egg hunt thing, but just preferred digging in Grandma & Grandpa's dirt.  And so that is what he did.
 Also loving this springtime(ish) weather.  We got out to the zoo (hoping to induce labor) and it was a fun day.  Except it looks highly suspicious that we picked up a turtle while we were there.
 All the cousins...which getting them all clustered together and looking in the same-ish direction is one thing.  Getting them to all smile at the same time was another.
 Also with spring comes kite flying weather.  I think this is my most favorite activity we have done the past several Sundays after eating dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  We all head down to the park and basically just watch the kids run back and forth a million times.  Who cares if the kite catches wind or not, this is one activity that tuckers everybody out.
Randomly, this morning A told her little brother that he was "eating like a creature, and not a human."  Am I ready to add an additional boy to this craziness?  We have the nursery ready to go in anticipation for the next arrival.  Yesterday morning I couldn't find little B so I went searching because it was too quiet.  Found him lying in the babies crib eating A's Easter candy. 

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