Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Around here, it seems some phrases just keep repeating themselves.  Such as:

"Who's ready to watch another show?" (me to kids)
"I promise I got ready today" (me to Bug)
"I don't feel so good." (me...about every hour)

Yep, it means that baby #3 is on its way.  And our house seems to have shut down from day one.  This one has been hard (not made any easier by the bout of stomach flu I experienced on top of the constant nausea).  The house hasn't been cleaned in forever, my kids could easily file neglect charges against me, and Bug has been running all over this city to find some sort of food that will pass the test.  And also might explain why I cut all cooking off my 30 before 30 list (gross) and celebrated on my actual birthday dinner at Crown Burger (unthinkable) because I let Bug pick the restaurant since nothing sounded remotely tempting.  Don't feel too bad for me though, because the next night I was in the mood for steak and potatoes...

Don't get me wrong: we are definitely excited.  The little one should make its debut in early May.  One of my most favorite moments is in the doctor's office hearing the first sound of the heartbeat, the first connection to a tiny life.  We haven't told the kids yet. Which, can you blame us?  It would be like asking them what they wanted for Christmas in January.  But I am sure A can't remember life before mom's tummy didn't hurt.  She also excitedly discovered in the car the other day that we have room for one more kid in between her and her brother.  Perhaps Santa will break the news?

Anyway, if you have had this funny feeling like I've fallen off the face of the earth...I have.  But I'll be back.  Just give me one more month and I'll be ready to tackle it all once more.  I may even one day cook dinner for my family again.