Monday, March 29, 2010

best weekend. ever.

because I know you are all anxiously awaiting to hear the they are.

and let me just say: this weekend did not disappoint. at all. (except for the Wynn buffet free meal we had to forgo due to a 1.40 min wait)

without further ado, here are all the nitty-gritty details.

Packed the kids up (complete with hostess gifts for uncle, aunt, and cousins alike) . Miss A couldn't stop asking when she was going to get to my sister's house. Which, eventually we made it. Pulling off without the two kiddos was hard. But more for me than them. They adore their cousins, and miss A is already requesting to go back and visit.

Off we went, talking & enjoying each others company. Nothing like a long road trip with just the 2 of us. (in case you want to know, I make him sing out load to my music, and listen to me process through minute details of home redecorating ideas) Then, before we knew it Bug and I had arrived in Beaver. And for my family, that means a stop at the Kan Kun (terrible name, wonderful food). I had Bug lean out his window amongst the snow flakes to take a picture just for you.

After our delicious meal, off again we were. Next stop: St. George. And not straight to the hotel for us, but straight to the outlets. Picked up several fun items for everyone. Then to the hotel (a dive on the blvd) and then a walking trip to Nielsen's. More deliciousness.

In the a.m. Bug was off to hunt down the daily kill at the local continental breakfast. He returned with 2 pieces of burnt toast & one crumpled waffle (which he ate). To make up for eating the only prized waffle he humored me by perusing a consignment shop close to our hotel. Those of you who frequent St. George: how cool is Urban Renewal? Bug & I both fell in love with some treasures. (pictures of those to come later)

After fulfilling our love for the recyclables, we headed off to Vegas. (I am sure I got consistently more obnoxious as I became a human count down time ticker to Mr. Brooks) Upon arrival, we did a session at the Vegas Temple. Beautiful. And fun not to rush through anything to get home to the kids...

After a quick lunch, we were on the strip. Upon passing the Wynn, I leaned out the window to take a picture of Garth. (Rachel, this is when you sent your well-wishes)

We checked into our hotel at the Venetian (totally fun to stay there) and meandered about. Bug was kind enough to buy me a Garth magnet for the fridge (a lot classier than the big tee shirt I wanted with all his tour dates on the back I am told). Vegas sure has a lot to entertain, doesn't it?

But soon enough, we were back getting ready for the big concert (which didn't start until 10:30). For the curious, we needed picture id's, wrist bands, stamps with invisible ink, and good ol' fashioned tickets. And per my own preference: my boots.

No pictures were allowed in the concert, so here we are in our room right before we left. Can you feel my excitement gushing out through the photo?
Okay. Concert time. How can I even convey the wonderfulness of it all? Garth was late starting by about 15 minutes. And as we sat waiting in the little theater with our other 1498 friends ,all that appeared on the stage was a water bottle, mic and guitar. I think I lost my voice the first few minutes when Garth walked on the stage. The overall rundown: it was just him, and only him. Which was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. He has an incredible voice. (as we all know) and he played for well over 2 hours. Audience member shouted out requests, Garth told jokes, sang us all his favorite songs (and then some), told us the inspiration to his music, and halfway through invited his wife (Trisha Yearwood) to come out on stage and sing a couple of her songs. Did I say it was amazing? Because it was. I feel like I know Garth now after such an intimate concert. When he sang Shameless accapella...oh. my. word. What a talented & humble man. How does he stay so grounded?

Okay, I'll keep it to that for now. If you want more details about the concert I will be happy to oblige.

Sunday upon leaving Vegas we made it a point to visit our favorite History channel show Pawn Stars. Tell me you've seen it. (the much hipper and saucier version of Antiques Road Show)

And on the way home, more forced singing-out-loud, Bug nearly running out of gas (don't worry he followed behind a big semi to get maximum wind resistance), eating at Garden of Eatin' (once again: terrible name, good food), and finally & eventually we made it back to our little ones. They were both excited to see us, as were we.

And now, laundry is drying, suitcases are unpacked, and everyone is adjusting back to normal.

I want you to know that if you ever get the chance to see Garth at the Wynn in the next year or so...take it. Trust me. Me, my boots, and my hubby all were entirely pleased.

I wonder when I'll stop geeking out about it all? And as for you, Bucket List: you may officially cross "See Garth Brooks in Concert" off.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a love letter

Dear Boots,

When I think of pure love, I think of our love. We have seen many, many good times together. Remember Texas-two stepping Saturday nights in Pleasant Grove? Country Music concerts? Rodeo attendances?

I can honestly say the first time I laid eyes on you in that little boot shop in Idaho it was true love.

Well, boots, I write to you today with a purpose. Remember that crazy night together back in college where we pinky-swore together to see Garth Brooks in concert? And then he went into retirement? So he could spend more time raising his family? (lame)

Never fear, I am here to fulfill my pinky promise.

I captured tickets to the sold out show in Vegas where you, me, Bug and 1500 0thers will enjoy him together. I hope you understand why Bug has to come...he doesn't get "us" and our relationship yet...maybe never will. But no matter.

I can officially cross "see Garth in concert before I die" off my bucket list in a very short time. And the smile hasn't left my face since the ticket reservations came through. And, also why Garth's live CD has been playing non-stop for the past day (and will probably continue until concert time)

Rest well for now, my lovely boots. The time is almost here. We've waited 10 years for this...we can hold it together for now until we see HIM. Right?

deep sighs. There might be a lack of sleep on my part until then. YIPPEE!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Miss A experienced life in a big girl bed last night. I am happy to report she didn't fall off the bed or tear her room apart in the middle of the night (both of my fears as to why this inauguration didn't occur sooner.)

I just wish Mr. B would have treated me with the same pleasure instead of being up all night with his cold.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

who's with me?

It's no secret that Bug & I are redbox fans. But as you all know, its a gamble renting any dvd. I had heard about Good Hair when I was sewing (of all things) at my mom's and Oprah was on, and you know Oprah. She is excellent at giving a good pitch. So, with all other dvd's gone at our local redbox this weekend we checked this out.

I was nervous at first. A movie/documentary on hair? (Bug refuses to even pay to get his cut, & uses a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner.) Maybe he would protest. But, several minutes in we were chuckling. And several minutes more in, we were laughing. And at one point, (when Jason is getting botox) we literally had to stop the movie so I could grab my inhaler because we were both laughing so hard.

Before we returned it today, I insisted we watch the funny scene again just for kicks. Anyone else with me on this dvd?

And p.s. the beautiful effect I wasn't planning on was Bug now appreciates how little I spend on my hair...comparatively speaking.

Friday, March 12, 2010

him v. her

How is it that we can get along so well, and yet see the world through such different lenses?

Just the other day, Bug & I jumped in the front seat of our car after loading the kids in the back and had a quick but differing conversation.

He noted my "lunch on the run" in the cup holders.

His perception:
Her perception:

So? I am naturally very thirsty.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i could eat him up

we blessed this little sweetheart on Sunday.
definitely a day to remember.

{thanks to our family for the love & support}

Saturday, March 6, 2010

master manipulator nevermore

Well friends, I fear I'm loosing my touch. Or else Bug is "touched." For months now I have kept hidden the shame and woe of having a husband that publicly will confess Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" is his favorite song. And yep, he's not a 11 year old girl. So that means, this is not okay.

Tonight, I showed him this (you have to suffer through the commercial first) to try and prove to him that the song can't be good if there are: a herd of horses, pink clouds, and a 10 year old (or something like that) girl singing along in the rain.

I failed. He just sang louder, swayed to the music, and remains adamant that he still loves this song.

Friends, I have talked this guy into a lot of stuff but it seems I am no match for Miley. I just hope and pray Bug won't learn how to put her song on 'repeat' on our mp3 player.

Now that would be terrible.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

more crafty ventures

As Young Women pres in my ward, Dec/Jan are busy months for more reasons than one. I have had birthday gifts for the girls on the mind for sometime.
Nothing was standing out.
(in case you're wondering: last year we bought journals & had each leader sign a page, personalizing it for each yw)
Then, of course a day before the first birthday of the year we came up with the idea of Book of Mormons for each of them. You know the mini/pocket/military ones?
We also had each leader pick their favorite verse to highlight.
Here are some pic's I took very hurriedly before turning them over.
the idea of covering them is so they can tote them around & not feel shy/embarrased/molly-mormon to be spotted with a BoM.
I did happen to fall in love with them.
So when life slowed down I made myself one.

(inside covers to sass up the project)

these little packs of cards were in one of my favorite hunting spots (Michael's dollar bins) I use them as a book mark...but the wheels are turning for other ideas.
speaking of wheels turning for other ideas:
I had miss A show you what she got for Valentines.

in this family we are NOT singers. (unfortunately for everyone.) but we still attempt a song here and there when in the car, at home, or any other situation where other's might not chance upon overhearing. I love singing primary songs to miss a & mr. b, but I am recently discovering I have the memory of a 90 year old. so in comes this new little mini book:

I know. I went a little to crazy on the distressing.

but now we can sing "the popcorn song" with full gusto...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


yesterday, I finally had an hour to feed my crafty side that's been starving. I looked around the house and spotted our ever-boring clock in the kitchen. I have already spray-painted the rim a few years ago. but still very blah.

please disregard mess on corkboards in background. so an hour later (or less as you can see) I ended up with this:

Bug's reaction: "cool, honey. You made something unfunctional."

I guess I might crawl up there and put numbers on it now?