Monday, July 9, 2012

Blessing Day

Last week we had the pleasure of blessing little Baby C.  It's an event that is anxiously anticipated around here, and it didn't disappoint with how well the day went.  

I was nervous about not only getting to church on time, but with three kids which we haven't yet done.  Enter good friends and family: thanks to an awesome neighbor who picked Miss A up on our doorstep with dripping wet hair, and brought her to church with a french braid and fun surprise in tow.  I was nervous about Mr. B tearing up the house like any other 2 year old would do, but thanks to my parents he spent the night with them and showed up at church the next morning, ready to go.  So that meant Bug and I just had to get ourselves and baby C to church.  It was heaven!  (Note to self: in a hundred years when I am a grandma, remember to take grandkids off new parents hands to help alleviate pressure on blessing day)    

We have the greatest family, who brought delicious food and then also practice the "leave no trace" philosophy when they leave a party.  They cleaned up so quickly and efficiently that we were certain our neighbors wouldn't even know we had a house full before they got home from the full 3 hour block of church. 

Baby C was perfect through the blessing, and according to reports from the men, spent the whole thing looking straight into his dad's face.  Seriously love peeking at the spectacle of one of my children circled about by such good priesthood holders. And so grateful for a good husband who prepares so fastidiously for such an event like this.

The only downside of the day was not having my twin sister & family there...we miss you Lloyds.
The actual blessing day I got very few pictures, and when I finally remember Baby C wasn't in a good all.  And Mr. B was already down for a nap.  So Miss A and I had our own blessing day photo shoot later on. (which of course we did while it was B's nap time...I promise he still is in our family)  

Love my little man.  He is the greatest at cooing and showing off that dimple!

Miss A likes to test out her camera skills

Note how his second little mother is always close at hand...

this is what occurred after the party guest had all left
 We also celebrated the 4th in style, although you'll have to just take my word for it because I didn't get a picture of the decorated Jazzy this year.  But trust me, it made it out in the parade and hauled these two around.  I hung out with baby C in the shade to stay cool, but Bug would have you believe it was because I am embarrassed to be associated with him when he's all "jazzed up."

Love these little ones so much.