Monday, September 20, 2010

plans this weekend?

As most of you are well aware we are in the middle of juggling two houses right now (more to come on that later. promise.)

With all that craziness keeping me totally crazy, I decided to participate in a boutique. Of course. Why not? But, good news my friends. Due to moving, and my general giving personality, my prices at the boutique are like I am paying you money to buy my little items...or something like that.

Here's the boutique details:

You are cordially invited
Two Sister’s Boutique
Hosted by Stephanie Robbins and
Cynthia Christensen
Friday September 24th 3pm - 7pm
&Saturday September 25th 10am - 2pm
Located at
665 E. Garfield Ave. (1875 S.)
You’ll discover an assortment of
dazzling finds featuring some local crafters

I thought I'd give you all a preview of what I'll have there.

Here are my latest inspiration: bowties for the little guy. (only $5) sure to sass up any church outfit.
Onesies, hairbows, bracelets key chains (these puppies save my life as a mom. no more stirring around in my purse for keys anymore. instead I grab them instantly now) and my favorite and latest invention: the creative kid's boredom buster kit. It is filled with hours of ideas to keep kids busy. This was a blast to put together, and perfect for the rainy/snowy days ahead. Here's the best part: selling them for only $5 a piece. (remember I told you it was like I was paying you?)

I can't decide to include these babies at the boutique: my toadstools. These were incredibly fun to make. Miss A has 3 for the new room waiting to go as soon as she moves in.

Also not pictured here, but will be at the boutique: homemade go-fish game that you little tot will just love.
See you all there!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

for my girls

this post is specifically dedicated to "my girls"

last night was my last young women's activity.
it brought good closure, but at times sort of felt like I was attending my own funeral.
It was all about good, kind words for everyone, a few tears, some laughs, delicious raspberry smores, and the wonder of a campfire to mask my red splotchy face. Favorite memories remembered (like scarring the crap out of the girls with the stuffed bobcat, the car dance to backstreet boys, surprise baby shower, all the crafts, camp memories...and bug's favorite memory: seeing that huge troop of boys at youth conference & every yw in our car screaming at the top of her lungs).

l.o.v.e.d. every moment.

wish I could bottle it up. Tuesday nights won't feel quite the same. Thanks girls for being you.

last night I made another shameless plea. remember? (go here to leave your comments) and thank you.

I will still see you around.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

wish list

should be headed back over again to the new house for de-wallpapering.
fearing that my fingernails will never recover.
but, you see, am blogging because its the ever-important birthday month.
and I delight in making a wish list.
especially one filled with these amazing goodies.

Bug: feel free to purchase one (or all) of the items below:

the sequel to my most favorite recipe book
this movie recommended by anna
any movie my friend amy has (1 2 3 4) did I forget any amy?
one of these to cruise around on but please include a basket
a sassy pair like these
a strand or two of these for the new back patio

please note this is not my complete list.
but don't worry, Bug I will make sure you are kept updated.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


twenty minutes before church,
& Bug finds her like this:

yes, its waterproof mascara.
she said "my eyes are pretty like mom's*" upon being discovered.
(* if I ever appear like this in public: please take it upon yourself to confiscate any & all of my makeup.)
and after a thorough check to make sure she didn't poke her eye out
I had Bug take her picture.
(kind of reminded me of my friend Annie's post a few short days ago.)
And even after a heavy scrub down with my eye makeup remover, an attentive friend still asked if my 3 year old was wearing eyeliner to church.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

on the edge

Lately, I have been on the edge.

Many changes are opening up for our little family. We will be moving shortly...a monumental event in itself. So now I am faced with packing up all my memories in our little house. You know, the house we brought both our babies home from the hospital to; the house we have entertained in, laughed in, loved in, cried in...lived in. Never easy.

And where might we be staking out our next home? In Bug's grandparents home. A house that already holds memories for us. We are excited, but hesitant. Because it also means big changes for Grandma and Grandpa. They soon will be making a nursing home "theirs." We love them so much, and its hard to see them have to say goodbye to their home of 50 years.

Today I am taking all the pictures off the walls. Something I've been procrastinating. The realities of moving are starting to hit.
Recently, there was a horrific tragedy in our ward family. I am not going into many details here, but its been hard. Hard to watch a young family deal with such a terrible tragedy. Hard to be reminded of the fragility of life. Hard to not know how to comfort, or what to say, or what to do.

But being on the edge already, suffice it to say: its been a rough week.
I promise I'll do one of those upbeat "goodbye this house, hello new" with the pictures everyone's been requesting.
But for today, I'm focusing on recharging.