Wednesday, September 15, 2010

for my girls

this post is specifically dedicated to "my girls"

last night was my last young women's activity.
it brought good closure, but at times sort of felt like I was attending my own funeral.
It was all about good, kind words for everyone, a few tears, some laughs, delicious raspberry smores, and the wonder of a campfire to mask my red splotchy face. Favorite memories remembered (like scarring the crap out of the girls with the stuffed bobcat, the car dance to backstreet boys, surprise baby shower, all the crafts, camp memories...and bug's favorite memory: seeing that huge troop of boys at youth conference & every yw in our car screaming at the top of her lungs).

l.o.v.e.d. every moment.

wish I could bottle it up. Tuesday nights won't feel quite the same. Thanks girls for being you.

last night I made another shameless plea. remember? (go here to leave your comments) and thank you.

I will still see you around.


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