Thursday, April 28, 2011

can you spot the changes?

In case you've been wondering whats been occupying my time lately, here's a little treat for you.

Yes we recently moved a few months ago into the grandparents house (may they both be resting in peace). And it has been my particular goal as of late to give the front a face lift.

Growing up I always enjoyed the pictures that you had to circle all the differences, so give it a go.

Here's the before:

And here's the after:A bit different wouldn't you agree? Couldn't be happier with it. So glad it was relatively painless.
But lets see how many differences you can spot.

Did you get 9ish?

01. Removed storm door.

02. New doorbell (I will forever love Restoration Hardware for their $10 amazing doorbells)

03. Removed scrolly ironwork in front of front window (while Bug was at school one night)

04. Removed extra scrolly ironwork around railings.

05. Made our own shutters. 7 in all.

06. Hung new lights (2) on the porch, (1) over the garage.

07. Painted the ironwork black.

08. spray painted the mailbox and added some vintage charm with some letters and numbers found at an antique store.

09. Painted side door to garage and garage door. (just painted the garage door this morning. Can't get over how much I love it)

...I think I have everything. We also removed the address #'s because they freaked me out, quite frankly. In their place I have a new one, waiting to be hung. So not pictured here. Guess you'll have to do a drive-by to take it all in.

Thank you to Bug for being the kinda guy that when I say "I want shutters." He says, "how deep of a groove would you like on each board?"

We've gotten sunburned, windblown, and snowed on. All in a matter of 3 weeks. Bushes still need to be manicured. And certain plants to be planted.

But for now: onto the kitchen.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the boy

For my friends that have boys, are going to have boys, or have girls and need some boy appreciation.

Lately I have been pondering the difference between boys v. girls.

Well, pondering makes it sound like I sit around thinking solemnly deep thoughts in a quiet spot for a few hours.

So lets scratch that.

Lately I have been briefly throwing my hands in the air in exasperation as Mr. B continues to prove he is very different than his older sister.

This guy turns everything into a racetrack. Everything. Like mom's arm. Or the family popcorn bowl filled with popcorn. It seems he is challenged by any surface to try and defy it. And don't get me started on how we can never leave the house without a set of wheels in his clutches. Or for that matter, how he manages to nab one from the nursery room each Sunday, squirreling it away until we get home. I think we owe them about 20 by now, and the kid hasn't even officially turned 18 months yet.

This guy was a late walker. But has made up for it. He would never wear shoes. He was a master at shedding them. I was so worried we would loose some here and there on our outings that I wouldn't even bother to put any on him.

And then the first steps came. Which he's never stopped since. And quickly the association began that shoes=going outside. If you happen to do a drive-by, you will see us out front. Mr. B will be walking the sidewalks. I will be right behind him. As soon as we get to the neighbors driveway on the east, I flip him around. We walk/run to the neighbors driveway on the west, I flip him around again. I feel like we play this game of human ping pong 70 times a day.

Shoes no longer stand a chance around here.

If I was going above and beyond, I'd pull out a pair of Miss A's shoes from this same era. They would not compare to what we have currently happening around here.

This guy still hasn't officially started talking, but he has a few patent growls, screams, and other "boy noises" well refined.

This guy l.o.v.e.s. to be outside. I really am thinking of erecting some small tarp in the backyard. Sure he would be fine for at least 4 or 5 months. So different than Miss A who has to come check in with me, bring me a flower, play around a bit and then eventually beg me to come out with her.

This guy also has me worried about keeping up on the trends of boy hair, boy clothes, boy activities. Growing up with all sisters has me worried.

But don't get me wrong. This guy is lots of fun. He pairs nicely with the older sis. Nothing better than giving him lots and lots of kisses.

Can't imagine life without the boy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sort of worried we are setting A up for disappointment. For some reason she is under the impression that whenever she sees something that strikes her fancy, "I'll get that for my birthday." (Which is still several months away.)

She'll come up when I am looking through a magazine and say, "okay, mom I'll show you what I want for my birthday."

We'll be cruising down the aisle at the store and she'll definitely pick more than one item out on each aisle of what she'll be getting for her birthday. (usually anything in a pink container or remotely princess related)

On Monday while driving her to preschool she was trying to tell me something, talking quietly. I finally had to turn off the radio and turn around in my seat to understand her. This was it:

"Mom I want braces for my birthday."

Do they even give braces to kids in the single digit age range? I asked her where she had seen braces, and she mentioned a name of a 14 year old girl we know. I can't really tell you if said girl even has braces, but apparently so for A to be talking about it.

And no, when her birthday rolls around she won't be getting braces. At least for this birthday.