Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sort of worried we are setting A up for disappointment. For some reason she is under the impression that whenever she sees something that strikes her fancy, "I'll get that for my birthday." (Which is still several months away.)

She'll come up when I am looking through a magazine and say, "okay, mom I'll show you what I want for my birthday."

We'll be cruising down the aisle at the store and she'll definitely pick more than one item out on each aisle of what she'll be getting for her birthday. (usually anything in a pink container or remotely princess related)

On Monday while driving her to preschool she was trying to tell me something, talking quietly. I finally had to turn off the radio and turn around in my seat to understand her. This was it:

"Mom I want braces for my birthday."

Do they even give braces to kids in the single digit age range? I asked her where she had seen braces, and she mentioned a name of a 14 year old girl we know. I can't really tell you if said girl even has braces, but apparently so for A to be talking about it.

And no, when her birthday rolls around she won't be getting braces. At least for this birthday.

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