Monday, March 28, 2011

this week

This week has been filled with lame-o colds. A huge positive is that it hasn't gotten to me. I KNOW! This chronic cough-er is one happy girl. Glad seeing all those specialists and popping all those pills has some affect.

However, for the first time in my life of not getting sick with everyone else (no exaggeration here), I found myself getting antsy watching every disney movie we own and not leaving the house for 4 days straight.

So on Friday I pretended Spring really was here for good and broke out the sidewalk chalk to the little ones happiness.

Here is A rockin the sunglasses. And this guy (mr. b) makes me feel like I am back working at the prison again. Instead of being the cool therapist though, I am the ornery warden. He makes a break for it. I chase him down. Deposit him back by the front door. He makes another break for it. Each time straight for the street. Thinking of putting a barbed wire fence around the perimeter of the yard. Maybe that'll hold him for a while.
Note the reassuring hand of big sister showing little guy how we play with chalk. (it was his first time)Waiting for Bug to get home.And here he is. You can't see it, but he also has in tow my favorite: a 1/2 pork salad from Costa Vida. Perfection. Especially when you've spent your week being coughed on and sneezed on.Also, crossing off my 30 before 30 list: yw reunion dinner. The picture is lame...way to dark to see much of anything. But proof I am slowly plugging away at my list. (and side note: love all these ladies. so good to see all of them) To wrap things up, Saturday we had one of those days. The one where you work like crazy sorting, cleaning, de-junking and project-crossing-off-the-list days. I was busy downstairs working on a project, when Bug came running downstairs shouting:

"Holli, grandma's scooter still has 80% power. Grab the kids!"

And then they spent the next hour plus doing this:

Yes, A is busy honking the horn and NEVER stopped. Welcome to the neighborhood. They had to zip around the circle across the street from us several times. One neighbor asked if they could zip up to Dan's and pick up some milk for him.

It still makes me laugh. Its sort of like a motorcycle, but seems so much more ridiculously anti-climatic how Bug is just sitting there. The kids loved it though. In fact, A wanted to ride it over to her Grandma's house for Sunday dinner. And Bug says it would be handy to zip over to the church building in a flash.

To our dear neighbors: you are welcome for raising the class level that much higher. Please take my word that I am feverishly working to find a new home more suitable for such a delightful item.


  1. That scooter is the best. And I love that Miss A insisted on honking the horn the whole time.

    ...and I'm pretty sure Grandma was looking down on that scene laughing out loud!