Thursday, July 8, 2010

its time for another one

This is another one of those posts where I have to convince you I am still trying to update my blog. Bug came up from being on the computer one night, and said "I tried to find out what was happening in our life, but you haven't updated the blog for a while."
Like all of you, we have been busy.

I have been really sick for a while now, and after many tests, and many doctors my pulminologist thinks he has it narrowed down. So, I find myself on several big horse pills a day and some heavy duty cough medicine at night. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime, my sisters and I decided it was time to update the family pictures with all the cousins and with my parents as well. With 7 kids it went relatively well...

Mr. B also had his first taste of "real" food. No tears just a lot of grimaces. This pictures is also a favorite, because it shows how Bug is one of those feeders that always opens his mouth when he feeds others.

We have also been spending a ton of time at the cabin, and believe me we have all really enjoyed it. I love that its only a 20 minute drive away, but then when we spotted a moose, baby moose, and a BEAR...I keep thinking "I live 20 minutes away from a wild bear."
And then, off to girls camp. Here is the happy crew. We had a ton of fun this year. I got a "clever" idea to take prom pictures with each of the girls during a dull moment. (So sorry, but those choice pictures are on face book.) I laughed pretty hard, coughed pretty hard, and yes even cried pretty hard during testimony night.
Bug was able to come drive us up Tuesday and spend the night.
He is never afraid to make a fool of himself while around the girls. (for better or for worse...)

And then the 4th.
Here's miss A with her cousin.

We celebrated by jumping in the car nearly the same time as I returned home from camp. My dad's side of the family had a reunion at his hometown. The exotic local: Salina.
We celebrated small-town style with parades, swimming, eating at the one restaurant in town, a rodeo, BBQs and much more.
Here's the parade where we taught A to shake her stuff to get more of the free stuff.

We played those great little carnival games all day. A funny moment came when A got stuck at the top of an inflatable slide. She did not want to slide down.This picture makes me laugh, because its miss A's first race. (Her cousin is beating her by far) I was laughing so I didn't get their faces in the picture. Every kid got a quarter from the fire department.
Mr. B soaking up some rays with Grandpa's glasses.
This kid is still the happiest around.

In other exciting news, as soon as we returned home from our trips, A has been successfully using the potty this entire week. I couldn't be happier.
In fact last night when Bug was tucking A in,
she said: "Mom's happy when I use the potty."
Yep. I am.