Wednesday, May 26, 2010

capturing spring

This afternoon I was busy putting a dinner together for somebody, when one of my little somebodies kept calling for me to join her out in the backyard.

I wish it didn't take as much coaxing on her part to get me out there. Once I did, I quickly decided we needed to document the spring fever taking over our yard. And mind you, I have absolutely nothing to do with it. It was planted before buying the house, and just all blossoms on its own. I love our backyard. Love it. Snowball bush with blossoms bigger than my fist meant A & I had a snowball fight. And then spent time cooling off under the tree canopy covered in flowers.
p.s. Miss A is pretty proud of her mad skills as a photographer (see pic of me above helping her hold the camera as she took it.)

Time spent in the backyard is worth putting up with our less-than-humongous home, if I do say so.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

something for him

Recently I posted about a cute tie I bought for little B. I set out this afternoon to make him one, & ended up with a couple of bow ties instead. What do you think? A little much for the casual church-goer?

I am full aware that this white bow tie will be better suited for this little guy
when he's a little bigger.
(Although at his 6 month checkup yesterday, Mr. B came in weight wise the size of an 8 month old, and head & height the size of a 10 month old)

and not sure why his hair is turning up reddish in all the pics? In real life he is a total tow head...and still a happier baby I've yet to meet.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

still here

I promise. Sorry that I have disappeared for a bit. It's been crazy. But when isn't it? It does seem to have picked up in the craziness, though. Am I right? So a re-cap with some pictures to prove it.

For Bug's 30th he wanted a work party. And no, not meaning invite all his fellow coworkers & bosses over for a fun little dinner party...around here that means invite the family to bring their work gloves and muscles and tear up our house some more. For his big day we said our goodbyes to the hot tub & our bouncy deck.

For Mother's Day, its a bit overwhelming. It's all homemade craftiness around here. Scrapbooked pages for all the grandparents, and a shadow box for my mom who lost her mother a few months ago. After such a long week/day, I have deemed this upcoming Sunday as my day off since the real mother's day wasn't so much.

For the other's days in between, time spent with family attending my nephews kindergarten program (loved every minute), working out in the a.m. with my friend, HOBBY LOBBY opening up in the quarry (proof prayers do get answered), trek prep, completely reorganizing my craft stuff, getting my back in whack, too many church related projects then called for, and cooking up more craft ideas to keep me plenty busy.

Craft projects like: make more ties for this irresistible sweetheart. Who has suddenly become 6 months old. How does this happen?

And now: back to reality. As we speak (or more like as I type) Bug is digging away again in the basement, filling up buckets to fill up holes in our yard. The good wife that I am, I am going to go hold the flashlight for him. (if you thought I was going to crawl in the hole & dig with him, then we must not be as well-acquainted as I thought).

Ta ta for now.