Thursday, June 23, 2011

thought you oughta know

::The market went fantastically. I had the sunburn to prove it. The vibe was great, grateful for the visits from friends & supporters, and overall glad I did it.

::I did have a nervous breakdown last week before the market. Pulling into the parking lot to meet my girlfriends & kiddos for a lunch date I was greeted by a ridiculously full parking lot. Normal reaction: park further away than planned and get there. Mine: burst into tears, hand over assigned food to friends and turn around back home. No more huge deadlines for me in a while, I think should do it.

::We are just starting the bidding process for counter tops in the kitchen. Can't wait! As soon as those suckers go in, you're all invited over to look at them.

::Miss A got the movie "Annie" (when it was at Target for $4) and we haven't given it a moment rest around here. Was unsure it would be a hit, but a friend said her little guy loved it, and what's not to love about "Annie"?

::Mr. B is at that stage. You know the one where they climb on everything, put everything into containers so you can't find a dang thing you're looking for, and always wants to be out galloping around outside? I am exhausted each night, but can't break the habit of no bedtime before midnight. Also, gave Mr. B a little boy's haircut the other day (we went through a lot of fruit cups). Instant age-er. He is slowly becoming not my baby anymore.

::Putting my artwork on esty. Nervous. Excited. (Wasn't I just saying something about big deadlines?)

::Took the big family bike ride last night. I had Mr. heavyweight B behind me, am confident in telling you it probably wasn't pretty. The major downside was we picked to do it when all the YW from our ward were out delivering things up and down the neighborhood in their cars for a fundraiser, so "hello new ward." They already have seen the best side of me, and all this without even serving in the YWs yet.

::Have been working feverishly up at the cabin. So glad warm weather is finally here!

::Think I may already going overboard in planning miss A's birthday party. I got an idea in my head yesterday that is fantastic! Mentioned it to Bug last night very cautiously, and he we'll see.

::Changing my mind on an item on my "30 before 30" list. Instead of having a big craft night, thinking of setting aside a day to go peruse my favorite consignment shops & hideouts, accompanied by a great little lunch somewhere. Let me know if you would be interested in joining.

off to the park we go.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

to market we will go

I am so excited to announce the booth I will have at this Saturday morning at a local flea market.

the details:
Abode Consignment Store's parking lot
1720 South 900 East
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

the items:
re-purposed furniture by my friend who has "the eye" for such a thing.

antiques I acquired by crawling around in my parents attic for (felt like an episode of pickers)
but man, are some real gems.

rugs, vintage jewelry & linens, 'I spy' bags (perfect for the church bag), antique trunks, my favorite key chain (I think every mom should have), and curling iron sleeves (you know-for the traveler who can throw her hot flat iron in, instead of wrapping it around a dirty sock or waiting for it to cool down)

and last but not least, my art work. I have been working like crazy around here. Feels like the school days of whipping up a portfolio. Anyway, now all those lovely images you know and love hanging on my walls (which previously weren't for sale) are now available at the flea market.

I am anxious for the flea market to get here because the more time that passes the more tempted I am to raid the goods myself and find a nice little home around my house. I promise you'll be tempted by something.

the pitch:
So if you find yourself in the area, stop on by. There will be other vendors with great stuff as well. And if I were you, I'd get there early. Also it might not hurt your bargaining power if you come armed with an icy Dr. Pepper in hand. But I have to warn you, our prices are almost too good to be true. Honestly.

the downside:
This will be a one-time deal. I am not planning on doing this again for several reasons: mainly one that's 3-going-on-4, and another that's 1 and 1/2-going-on-2 and into everything.

Come by & say hello.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

memory lane

This past weekend we found ourselves headed south into another county. Not my favorite as I am officially a snob and feel that I am terribly put out if I have to leave my 20 block radius.

But it was for a good cause. Someone from our old, old ward was celebrating a big birthday and a college degree. So we trekked. (And thankfully left the kiddos at home with grandma.)

The party was fun. Live bands, lavish neighborhood, and at the home of a full-fledged celebrity. Our connection to the birthday boy was back in the day at our first neighborhood we moved into as a married couple. So on the way home, of course we did a drive-by.

Picture a condo complex that used to be relatively rural on the cusp of greatness. We were shocked to find it so different, so developed since we left. A movie theater where we walked our dog. A splash amusement park looming in the distance. And every fast food chain one could ever want. Once inside our good old complex, we remembered our sweet friends who used to live right along side us. The neighbors we'd meet up with to walk dogs, the ones we'd invite over for pizza, and the ones we practically wore a path in the sidewalk to visit. It was the first time I had lived away from home. That's right folks, I lived with the parents right up until I said "I do." And it worked for me.

Bug and I were in the middle of our Bachelor degrees, spreading out the commute between colleges. I was working downtown getting my feet wet in social work, he was discovering how geeky engineering was (and even more so: how geeky he was). We tested out new callings together: first co-nursery leaders (a disaster, if I do say so) a stint in Sunday School, and then a lot of good times in Young Women's.

How foreign it seems now to reflect back on our time together pre-kids. How we could go run places together, and not consider "should I get a babysitter for this or not?" Impulse decisions to go out of town, late night grocery runs, and cooking just for two.

It was in that same kitchen Bug cooked his first meal for his newly wed. And I have no qualms about telling was awful. (He is already well aware of my feelings on this matter.) It was the spaghetti sauce every elder in his mission reportedly loved and Elder Bug made it just like back home in the good old U.S.A. I remember sitting on the couch in the living room connected to the dinning/kitchen area and hearing him squeeze our large bottle of Costco-sized Ketchup into the pan. Then asking me where the cheese grater was. And that was pretty much it. Luke warm watery ketchup with grated cheddar cheese mixed together over noodles. The elders in Tokyo must be starving, poor things.

It was also in the same 4 foot by 4 foot backyard (with a 7 foot tall fence) I completely and utterly trapped myself in when I locked myself out of the house. The selfsame day I had decided to paint the bedroom the boldest red I could imagine. The same day Bug would be spending all day and into the evening at school. And me (the cute little wife) went to wave goodbye to him, having the wind blow the door shut. I will even admit I tried breaking the back door glass open with a shovel. Why do the movies teach us this will work? It didn't. So I had to muster up some serious guts (and muscles) to climb over a fence, in bare feet, in my paint clothes, no mascara, and start knocking random neighbors doors on a Monday morning asking to use their phone.


Since then, we've learned more about ourselves and each other. We cook better, we plant hide-a-keys in clever spots, and most importantly we have filled the moments with something that's the best of both of us combined: our two lovely children. Although I sometimes wistfully think of the days I could grocery shop without unbuckling and buckling two other bodies besides my own, I can't imagine a life without them. They make me laugh, cry, and grow in ways that are good for me.

That's the good stuff in life.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Lately, you can find us out & about.

Like at the College Championship Rugby game.

Never heard Bug yell so loudly when the ref called a bad call right in front of us. And I can't be certain, but admit I got so caught up in the game I think I may have even yelled "Go Cougars." Yikes. A first for everything. One day I hope to understand this game. But cheers to Bug who enjoyed seeing the hard hits, good scrums, and terrible calls. Brought back some flashbacks from the high school and college years, I am sure.

You can also find us supporting our little preschooler at her graduation. Although graduating she technically is not. Our little three year old still has a while yet of preschool before kindergarten.

Here she is with all her graduation loot.

Seriously my most favorite thing is attending her preschool programs. So cute I can hardly stand it.

Miss A was lucky to have a big fan club at her party. Also, you can find us out riding bikes. The new family favorite. Bug picked that we get the whole family outfitted for biking for his birthday present this year. I even got a new bike. Happy Birthday to Bug.

Phrases like "wanna go ride bikes" can be heard in our house. And its usually Bug or I saying it, making us sound like we are 10 again.

And as of this weekend, I crossed another item off my list to see Little Mermaid in St. George. We went on opening night, and after arriving found out the show was cancelled. But they let us stay for their dress rehearsal. Which we did rather than disappoint some little mermaids of our own.These little girls loved it. I highly recommend seeing it. But maybe later in the season after they've had more time to practice and get the scenery ready.

The rest of the stay was lovely including delicious meals, fun with family, riding tandem bikes, shopping, the sand dunes, late night Settlers games, swimming and all the other "St. George-ish" stuff you do. The only thing missing was my sister & her family. She had to stay home: doctors orders due to the little #4 baby girl expected to make her debut in late August.

That about wraps this random post up.

Anyone wanna ride bikes?