Thursday, June 23, 2011

thought you oughta know

::The market went fantastically. I had the sunburn to prove it. The vibe was great, grateful for the visits from friends & supporters, and overall glad I did it.

::I did have a nervous breakdown last week before the market. Pulling into the parking lot to meet my girlfriends & kiddos for a lunch date I was greeted by a ridiculously full parking lot. Normal reaction: park further away than planned and get there. Mine: burst into tears, hand over assigned food to friends and turn around back home. No more huge deadlines for me in a while, I think should do it.

::We are just starting the bidding process for counter tops in the kitchen. Can't wait! As soon as those suckers go in, you're all invited over to look at them.

::Miss A got the movie "Annie" (when it was at Target for $4) and we haven't given it a moment rest around here. Was unsure it would be a hit, but a friend said her little guy loved it, and what's not to love about "Annie"?

::Mr. B is at that stage. You know the one where they climb on everything, put everything into containers so you can't find a dang thing you're looking for, and always wants to be out galloping around outside? I am exhausted each night, but can't break the habit of no bedtime before midnight. Also, gave Mr. B a little boy's haircut the other day (we went through a lot of fruit cups). Instant age-er. He is slowly becoming not my baby anymore.

::Putting my artwork on esty. Nervous. Excited. (Wasn't I just saying something about big deadlines?)

::Took the big family bike ride last night. I had Mr. heavyweight B behind me, am confident in telling you it probably wasn't pretty. The major downside was we picked to do it when all the YW from our ward were out delivering things up and down the neighborhood in their cars for a fundraiser, so "hello new ward." They already have seen the best side of me, and all this without even serving in the YWs yet.

::Have been working feverishly up at the cabin. So glad warm weather is finally here!

::Think I may already going overboard in planning miss A's birthday party. I got an idea in my head yesterday that is fantastic! Mentioned it to Bug last night very cautiously, and he we'll see.

::Changing my mind on an item on my "30 before 30" list. Instead of having a big craft night, thinking of setting aside a day to go peruse my favorite consignment shops & hideouts, accompanied by a great little lunch somewhere. Let me know if you would be interested in joining.

off to the park we go.


  1. After reading your past few posts makes me want to outfit our family with bike gear. Such a fun thing to do together. And I'm totally picking up "Annie" next time i'mat Target. I think we have the same friend. :) miss you. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Umm. Please ignore my grammar problems in that first sentence..didn't reread before I posted it which is a must when you comment in the middle of the night while nursing...