Thursday, October 7, 2010

just checking in

yes I am still alive out there in blogland, albeit barely.

And I should be using these minutes to be packing, but instead am resting my tired muscles.
That's right.
I am now knee deep in the process of disassembling our home,
watching it as box by box it turns back into a house
until it doesn't feel like it was ever ours
then hefting each box into the car
down the street a few blocks
and into the "new" house.

Miss A still refers to it as Grandpa & Grandma's house and corrects me when I try to teach her it's ours now. What to do to help her understand? I bet when we make the big final move this weekend she'll soon get it.

Bless our family that spends each night, hour upon hour, readying the house with us.
Bless the friends that have taken A, so I can work like the wind.
Bless my parents for practically adopting the kids every day (and night).
Bless my husband for witnessing some pretty intense meltdowns.

Bless us all, since once we're moved we're far from over. Bug will immediately begin work on reassembling this house (aka putting ceilings and walls back up in the basement, new cement, etc)
And then we'll be off to experience life as landlords.

Wish us luck.
and energy
and emotional stamina
and good health.

We'll need it.