Monday, June 6, 2011


Lately, you can find us out & about.

Like at the College Championship Rugby game.

Never heard Bug yell so loudly when the ref called a bad call right in front of us. And I can't be certain, but admit I got so caught up in the game I think I may have even yelled "Go Cougars." Yikes. A first for everything. One day I hope to understand this game. But cheers to Bug who enjoyed seeing the hard hits, good scrums, and terrible calls. Brought back some flashbacks from the high school and college years, I am sure.

You can also find us supporting our little preschooler at her graduation. Although graduating she technically is not. Our little three year old still has a while yet of preschool before kindergarten.

Here she is with all her graduation loot.

Seriously my most favorite thing is attending her preschool programs. So cute I can hardly stand it.

Miss A was lucky to have a big fan club at her party. Also, you can find us out riding bikes. The new family favorite. Bug picked that we get the whole family outfitted for biking for his birthday present this year. I even got a new bike. Happy Birthday to Bug.

Phrases like "wanna go ride bikes" can be heard in our house. And its usually Bug or I saying it, making us sound like we are 10 again.

And as of this weekend, I crossed another item off my list to see Little Mermaid in St. George. We went on opening night, and after arriving found out the show was cancelled. But they let us stay for their dress rehearsal. Which we did rather than disappoint some little mermaids of our own.These little girls loved it. I highly recommend seeing it. But maybe later in the season after they've had more time to practice and get the scenery ready.

The rest of the stay was lovely including delicious meals, fun with family, riding tandem bikes, shopping, the sand dunes, late night Settlers games, swimming and all the other "St. George-ish" stuff you do. The only thing missing was my sister & her family. She had to stay home: doctors orders due to the little #4 baby girl expected to make her debut in late August.

That about wraps this random post up.

Anyone wanna ride bikes?

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