Friday, May 20, 2011


happiness: sold my first oil painting (to a neighbor & assured her it came with me as a friend for life)

lame: purposing the kitchen cabinets

happiness: how the cabinets turned out

lame: the rain, rain, rain & sick kids

happiness: A's prayer last night which went a little something like this: Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful we know everything, and we are grateful that B isn't feeling very well. (clearly we don't quite understand what grateful means yet?)

lame: the couch that broke in the middle of kitchen cabinets.

happiness: watching Bug deliver dinner to a sick neighbor via the jazzy scooter.

lame: preschool is officially over for the year. I am pretty sure my tears at the graduation party were from the loss of my wonderful monday & wednesday morning freedom. Here's hoping I get a graduation party when she returns back to preschool in the fall.

happiness: front row seats to the rugby game this weekend, and extra happy Bug doesn't play anymore. What a rough sport. I remember how it made my stomach churn to watch him and worry about the injuries that would come. Although I swear I can take Bug now. (what a weakling) Maybe I should have played women's rugby?

Here's to the happiness:lame ratio being heavier on the happiness side of things. However, I think we could all do with a little less rain.