Wednesday, March 3, 2010

more crafty ventures

As Young Women pres in my ward, Dec/Jan are busy months for more reasons than one. I have had birthday gifts for the girls on the mind for sometime.
Nothing was standing out.
(in case you're wondering: last year we bought journals & had each leader sign a page, personalizing it for each yw)
Then, of course a day before the first birthday of the year we came up with the idea of Book of Mormons for each of them. You know the mini/pocket/military ones?
We also had each leader pick their favorite verse to highlight.
Here are some pic's I took very hurriedly before turning them over.
the idea of covering them is so they can tote them around & not feel shy/embarrased/molly-mormon to be spotted with a BoM.
I did happen to fall in love with them.
So when life slowed down I made myself one.

(inside covers to sass up the project)

these little packs of cards were in one of my favorite hunting spots (Michael's dollar bins) I use them as a book mark...but the wheels are turning for other ideas.
speaking of wheels turning for other ideas:
I had miss A show you what she got for Valentines.

in this family we are NOT singers. (unfortunately for everyone.) but we still attempt a song here and there when in the car, at home, or any other situation where other's might not chance upon overhearing. I love singing primary songs to miss a & mr. b, but I am recently discovering I have the memory of a 90 year old. so in comes this new little mini book:

I know. I went a little to crazy on the distressing.

but now we can sing "the popcorn song" with full gusto...


  1. So so cute! What a great idea!

  2. That's what we did for our young women's birthday's this year too! I love them!