Sunday, March 14, 2010

who's with me?

It's no secret that Bug & I are redbox fans. But as you all know, its a gamble renting any dvd. I had heard about Good Hair when I was sewing (of all things) at my mom's and Oprah was on, and you know Oprah. She is excellent at giving a good pitch. So, with all other dvd's gone at our local redbox this weekend we checked this out.

I was nervous at first. A movie/documentary on hair? (Bug refuses to even pay to get his cut, & uses a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner.) Maybe he would protest. But, several minutes in we were chuckling. And several minutes more in, we were laughing. And at one point, (when Jason is getting botox) we literally had to stop the movie so I could grab my inhaler because we were both laughing so hard.

Before we returned it today, I insisted we watch the funny scene again just for kicks. Anyone else with me on this dvd?

And p.s. the beautiful effect I wasn't planning on was Bug now appreciates how little I spend on my hair...comparatively speaking.


  1. I was wondering if this was a good movie or not. Now, with your recommendation I am definitely going to check it out.

  2. We'll have to add it to our netflix queue. We can always use a good laugh!

  3. I've wanted to see this soo bad!! Now I really want to see it!

  4. The image of you needing your inhaler due to laughter is enough to sell me on the film. I'm totally going to check it out.