Thursday, March 18, 2010

a love letter

Dear Boots,

When I think of pure love, I think of our love. We have seen many, many good times together. Remember Texas-two stepping Saturday nights in Pleasant Grove? Country Music concerts? Rodeo attendances?

I can honestly say the first time I laid eyes on you in that little boot shop in Idaho it was true love.

Well, boots, I write to you today with a purpose. Remember that crazy night together back in college where we pinky-swore together to see Garth Brooks in concert? And then he went into retirement? So he could spend more time raising his family? (lame)

Never fear, I am here to fulfill my pinky promise.

I captured tickets to the sold out show in Vegas where you, me, Bug and 1500 0thers will enjoy him together. I hope you understand why Bug has to come...he doesn't get "us" and our relationship yet...maybe never will. But no matter.

I can officially cross "see Garth in concert before I die" off my bucket list in a very short time. And the smile hasn't left my face since the ticket reservations came through. And, also why Garth's live CD has been playing non-stop for the past day (and will probably continue until concert time)

Rest well for now, my lovely boots. The time is almost here. We've waited 10 years for this...we can hold it together for now until we see HIM. Right?

deep sighs. There might be a lack of sleep on my part until then. YIPPEE!




  1. Ok, so, I'm not a huge country fan, but Garth Brooks is one guy I would love to see in concert. I'm excited for you, too cool!

  2. ok- so I looked you up and you actually inspired me to recreate my blog. that is because yours is the cutest ever. out of all of them. and you are a great writer. and we should hang out.

  3. Oh, I am so jealous. Enjoy it for me.