Tuesday, April 24, 2012

making me happy

  • the weather (hello sunshine!)
  • a husband that understands that although I love the sun, we must also run our A/C non-stop now.
  • and since we are on the subject: a husband that takes kids on nightly "jazzy rides around the neighborhood to give me some rest time, runs my bubble baths for me, rubs my feet, does the dishes and laundry, shampoos the carpet, hangs nursery decor to my exact specifications, and participates in my hypnosis.  All without a complaint, mind you.  
  • family (especially a great mom) that watches these two kids regularly while I find myself either at the doctors office or hospital weekly.
  • friends...man and what great ones I have!  From all the texts and phone calls checking in to see if kid #3 has made it here yet, and offers to take them off my hands for a while, to the friend who brought a bag full of movies (mainly involving talking puppies) for the kids to watch while I put my feet up.
  • But best of all was yesterday arriving home to a friend who not only brought me my favorite flavored Jamba Juice but one for the kids to share between them so I could sip away on my own.  It was heaven.  Especially since they pulled their lawn chairs out and sat for a full 15 minutes sipping away.

sorry the pictures blurry...straight from the phone

  • Also making me happy is our little B's obsession with hats lately.  You can count on him sporting something on his head if you run into us or drop by.  The Easter Bunny brought him a bubble blower this year and he often can be found outside mowing the lawn while wearing his great grandpa's stetson.  I have yet to get a picture, but am dying to get one because it's super hilarious.  One day soon I'll move quick enough to snap some decent pictures around here.

  • And yesterday Miss A went and did a Kindergarten screening test.  I am weirdly emotional about it (she's still my little girl!) but it sure did make her happy.  She can't wait to go.
So grateful for all the help & well wishes.  I am in the final stretch.  If I don't go into labor this week I will probably get induced next week.  (So cross your fingers for me!)  I have been laboring on and off for a week or more now and have had the nurses tell me they know they'll see me back in the delivery room that same afternoon...only to stop contractions later.  It's been hard on my body, and the sudden heat rush hasn't been kind to my feet/ankles.  

All this just helps me to know: I am ready.  Can't wait to be nuzzling a newborn around here.  (And to walk somewhere quickly.) Family of 5 here we come!

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  1. Good luck with the last few pregnant nights! I hope he comes soon for your sake. Out is always better than in...sleep deprived and all!