Tuesday, April 3, 2012

still kicking

I promise I am still alive.  Just busy...with you know, stuff.  Here's the run down because I feel like just jumping right in after taking the last 4 months off.

I have officially 5 more weeks to go before baby #3 is due.  But it's become a battle between me & my doctor about inducing me early.  (I don't want to, he does.)  I am measuring a month ahead and have for a while.  Don't get all excited and toss the twin word around or miscalculated due date on me (unless you want me to turn grumpy).  I have extra amniotic fluid.  Which also comes with the bonus that I have to run up to the hospital every week until my due date to have Non Stress Tests done.  I feel really good about how big I am.  I even let my sister talk me into buying skinny jeans upon entering the 3rd trimester.  That or I have a real tendency for self-destructive behavior.

And for those who don't know, baby #3 is a boy.  Miss A is more than thrilled & every day her excitement increases as she talks about plans for the baby.  Her latest concern just yesterday was where the baby would sleep when her & her brother go to grandma's for sleepovers.  We do have a name picked out, but we are one of those people and are keeping it to ourselves until the little guy is here.

I am getting excited and nervous for labor.  This time (as previously mentioned) I will skip paying the anesthesiologist to hang out feeling guilty he can't help me, and making the decision ahead of time I will be going natural.  Really looking forward to having my doula there as well. (side note: this is why getting induced early doesn't sound terrific to me.)  Bug and I have been practicing our hypnosis as well.  Bug feels like its pretty powerful and he is ready to have a pain-free delivery.  I am still a little apprehensive.  At least it helps me to relax.

As a result of pregnancy the nesting has begun.  I know that among some of my family and friends the word "nesting" has a negative connotation.  I love it.  I feel like Bug has to take my ridiculous whims seriously.  So Miss A has been slowly giving over her room to the nursery, and gaining an adorable bedroom downstairs.  Its complete with beautiful wallpaper that her grandma helped put up when she grew up here.  There's something extra charming in knowing that connection.

The highlight of the past week + was my twin sister visiting with her kids.  It was so fun to have them here.  We filled our days with outings all around the valley.  And the nights were filled with yummy dinners together, a girls movie night out, and my favorite: our family tradition of a pedicure party in honor of the current mother-to-be.  It was filled with delicious food and me not having to try and bend over my gigantic belly to try and paint my toes.  So fun.

Baby clothes are sorted once again.  Nursery still needs to be painted (hopefully this week?). My hair is in desperate need of some attention from my stylist (thank you hormones for sparking this abundance of regrowth).  Getting really antsy to start working on my consignment projects.  And also looking forward to having the ability to walk somewhere fast.   

But most of all can't wait to snuggle a new little tiny one.

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  1. Holli! I have missed your posts. So happy for the update and that you and your family are doing well.