Wednesday, December 7, 2011

on my mind

  • So prepared for Christmas this year it's scary.  But this, however, could be largely related to the fact that I have banned myself from any homemade gifts.  That's right, bring on the thoughtless commercialism over here.  
  • Spent the night outdoors at Zoo Lights in the subzero weather with my side of the family.  Got a little awkward when random people assumed our mass meant there was free hot chocolate and donuts for all.  And then it just got really, really cold.
  • Met with our potential doula last week.  Went relatively well.  Okay, I admit that when she was talking about tender moments she's witnessed in other births I totally started crying.  I blame it generally on my raging hormones, but must admit I am so ready for a good birth experience.  And the third time WILL be the charm.  
  • Speaking of pregnancy the 4 year old hasn't officially been told that number 3 is on it's way.  Sure, shes suspicious especially since we brought the bassinet home and are storing it in the spare bedroom.  Christmas morning will be the big announcement.  In fact we are going to have the ultrasound tech wait to inform us if its a girl or boy and all discover together Christmas morning.
  • I'm just going to say it: telling the 2 year old boy "don't touch the Christmas Tree" 50 times a day and then some is getting a little old...and it's only the 7th.  Sigh.
  • Found three potential holiday go-to outfits yesterday while out shopping with a friend.  Everything about this is a plus.
  • Neighbor gifts (or lack thereof) were officially all delivered last night.  We have always lived in a neighborhood that supports a local charity instead of gift-giving.  As far as I know, this neighborhood doesn't have the same deal going, so we decided to deliver cards that explain that's what we do.  Stressed forever about how this might come across, but it is done.  
  • And if there's room for total negativity in my thoughts today: Christmas Street has been a bit disappointing this year.  There used to be a huge inflatable Frosty in one of the yards and he is not to be found anywhere.  And this family has two young very dedicated Frosty groupies that are severely disappointed.  Any suggestions?  
  • Although I profess to be all squared away for the 25th, I'm still debating about Christmas cards.  We failed to get family pictures this year (thank you pregnancy fog) so it'll be just a kid picture, but can't make up my mind if I should crank one out or not.  Seeing as how we have yet to get a picture that I will endorse sending to 100 of my closest friends, we might opt out this year.  And yet...
  • The 4 year old commented that we have 3 different nativities (she referred to them as Jesus's) in our living room right now.  "Mom, we are SO lucky!"

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  1. Looks like you have to be THAT family with the blown up, tacky snowman in your yard!!