Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Prep

Did you know how cool we are at our house?

Well let me fill you in.  Santa (the big guy himself) has us on speed dial.  That's right.  He called us last week.  Talked to me personally on the phone. (By the way, he said to tell you "hi")  Anyway, turns out he had a specific message for our 4 year old.  He needed her to carefully go through her toys and decide what she didn't need anymore so that there could be room for the new ones he's bringing on Christmas.  (And oh boy, there will be some good stuff coming.)

I told miss A this as she was going to bed the night before Thanksgiving.  ("Guess who just called?!")  And she instantly assumed she would be giving away her Lion.  You know, the toy she's slept with every night since she was around 3 months old?  We assured her this wasn't the case, and that is was the toys she never plays with that other kids might like to play with.

It seemed to stress her out, because she kept bringing it up all the next day.  I was busy with Thanksgiving prep and figured we'd go through her room together later with a garbage sack.  But she beat me to it.  With relief in her voice she came and told me she had found the toy:

Some little polly-pocket-something-or-other from a kid's meal prize.  Great.  Now I can call Santa back and tell him we have loads of room for him.

I then went through with the giant garbage bag (by myself) and made some selections from both kid's rooms (where do all these trinkets come from?) and will be stopping by the DI later while a certain someone is at dance class.  

Let me know if you need a word put in with the big guy.

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