Wednesday, December 1, 2010

four stitches later

Sorry, once again I am pictureless. Lame I know. But its either this, or no post at all.

We had a rough holiday weekend, and I must confess this may be a little TMI. Reader beware.

Wednesday afternoon as we were settling down from driving to Heber the night before with all the fam to ride the polar express (loved it again this year), A was playing with B in her room. I was on the phone with my mom telling her how funny A was when she got disappointed that Santa hadn't given her the barbie house she is very much looking forward to on the train ride. (didn't occur to me to explain the need to wait for Christmas)
As I was doing so, I heard the door slam hard to A's room.

I'll fast forward the details, but it resulted in one very bloody and badly cut finger (along with some bruises) on the little guy, and as a result the little girl getting an ear full for an entire week about how we don't slam doors.

Thank heavens we live close to Primary's.
Thank heavens my mother in law could rush over to babysit the instigator.
Thank heavens Bug got off work immediately when I called him, after I had tried unsuccessfully to stop the bleeding and was starting to panic a tiny bit.
Thank heavens for my little trooper. He started flirting with the nurses as we waited for x-rays. The doctors also were so impressed by how happy he was that they elected to not put him under, and just numb him locally. (that part will probably rank as one of my least favorite moments as a mom. hated watching my little guy being held down and bawling as they stitched him up.)

So for the past week, he's stumbled around with a little cast on. That's right, 4 stitches in the index finger at 12 months old apparently earns you the right to wear a full-on cast from finger tip to elbow.

Yesterday we went to the pediatricians to get the stitches out. More blood. More heartbreaking cries. No good. No good at all.

This morning, I about came unglued when A attempted another door slamming. I overheard Bug talking to her:
"A, mommy and daddy have asked you not to slam doors because we get hurt. You keep doing it and it makes mommy and daddy upset. What should we do about it?"

A's response: "um...pray?"


  1. Oh shoot!! That is quite traumatic. Hey, at least your teaching skills about praying are sinking in with A:)

  2. Oh, sad...what a cutie he is! I have never seen him in the flesh. Hope his finger is better!

  3. So sad, hang in there! I hope his finger heals up quickly!

  4. oh that is so sad!!!! Abby is a funny little girl though