Monday, November 22, 2010

10 for this week

I am back, and without such a long pause as usual. My last post of 10 things I've been busy with seemed to generate a small yet significant response. So here again:

the 10 things that have kept me busy lately.

01. This guy (B) turned one. He pretty much did "head shoulders knees and toes" with his cake. Hand clapping, hair grabbing, squealing, and giggles were in abundance...and that was just my reaction. We busted a pinata in our new cozy little family room, and afterwards the panic button for the security button did get bumped...and cops did show up. Good to know they respond quickly I guess. Happy Birthday Mr. B.

02. As noted, I have a picture here. It was no small feat. We are still operating under unusual computer circumstances, so I took my overly loaded camera to my parents house to download to a disc there. After successfully crashing both of my dad's computers, I bring you the one photo above. Yeah for small steps.

03. Can I brag? My Christmas Shopping is almost complete. But don't get me wrong. You WILL spot me out and about on Black Friday. Hopefully this year we will not be caught on the news. (sleeping in my clothes, no care for hair or makeup is not a look I care to have broadcast on several channels). The shopping is complete largely due to A's trips to preschool. Then B and I are off packing in the errands until he falls completely comatose in the car seat.

04. I spent a really great weekend taking a time out with the Yoho women. It was perfection wrapped up with good food, inspiration, laughing, some sleeping, and me revealing my fault of occasionally screaming with my mouth closed in my sleep. (try screaming with your mouth closed right now: I dare you). Loved every minute.

05. Planning Christmas outings. A week or two ago I had Bug sit down with me and list out what traditions are pivotal this season. Want to know what made the cut?

riding The Polar Express~Temple Square Lights~watching Elf~~Christmas Street~going to a movie on Christmas Eve~zoo lights~breakfast with Santa

If you have interest in joining with us, let me know.

06. I continue to attend the new ward. I think I must know how to spin a good one, because I think I could start selling tickets to the "unusual" Relief Society lessons going on. Man, oh man. Also in other good ward news, they don't even have our phone number yet. We are trying to ride that one out for as long as possible.

07. However (big downer here) Bug and I couldn't avoid the bishopric counselor who made a bee line through the long narrow chapel, past all the overflow chairs to the very back row (to where you will find us sitting these days) and asked us to speak this upcoming Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday to us. Our topic: Doing your Duty. If you talk about it for too long, Bug starts to get the giggles, immaturely relating it to bodily functions. Men.

08. I finished my second piece of commissioned art work this afternoon. B was down for a nap, and A breathed down my neck the entire time asking if she could paint too. (deep sigh) not quite the environment I had envisioned for the long hoped for art studio I would one day revel in, but nonetheless I have produced my first piece of art in my studio. A very happy moment for me.

09. I rearranged all my furniture in my front room. So now there are new nail holes in the recently painted walls. What is wrong with me? I know, I know. A form of OCD for sure. Yet, I must say it looks better, and now I have a natural spot for our Christmas tree (which is NOT up yet...for shame if you thought I was one to bypass the Thanksgiving Holiday).

10. If you're still following along my little list on whats been filling up my calendar spaces lately, then let me brag for this one. Bug has been watching some of my BBC movies with me each night. What is it like to have a husband curl up in bed with you and watch 8 installments of the BBC Masterpiece Classic Version of Emma? Or get as rilled up as I do watching (one of my favs) Wives and Daughters you ask?


That's it for this week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. I’ve heard you have done wonders with the house! How about a few picks?

  2. Watching Elf is vital for any holiday season! Glad it made your list! Love the picture from the cake smash! :)

  3. I had a great time with you too! Its good to hear all the things you guys are up to...let me know what you wanna go to thanksgiving point