Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Fellow Residents & Neighbors,

Please understand that if you have one of those inflatable Frosty the Snowmen in your front yard, we will find you. And when we do, we will put our car in park and not leave until we listen to Fiona Apple sing Frosty the Snowman the entire way through before being on our way. My apologies if this creeps you out. (can't say I wouldn't blame you)

If you'll notice, two embarrassed parents are in the front seat while a enamored wide-eyed three year old with a big grin is watching Frosty from the back seat.

We tried to just stick to Christmas Street this year (found at about 17oo south and 15oo east) but we are getting a little bored of it, seeing as how we go every night. (And if we don't make it, the three year old mentions it about a hundred times in her prayers that we can make it the next night.) As you can see, we have to branch out for our sanity. This being the case, we have been on the hunt for some good Frosty's around town.

So please, think nothing of it if you see us parked outside your house, night after night, for approximately 2 minutes and 10 seconds. It is all in the name of Christmas cheer.

a parent of a Frosty lover

P.S. what would it take for you to keep Frosty up for the next couple of months? It sure is nice to have him as a bribe to leave grandma's house when the three year old has the grumps. Think it over and let me know...


  1. Hey I am sure Uncle Jack would let you borrow his.

  2. lol. love it. emily enjoyed the light show at the house just off vine and also the fountains and big tree at gateway. it was like pulling teeth to get her away from it. you are more than welcome to come visit the snowmen in our yard. I won't think you're psycho. :)

  3. Next year you will have to make a trek out to Bluffdale and check out this house in my parent's neighborhood... they have just about everything that you can imagine in their front yard, and it gets better... if you turn your radio to 99.9 while parked out in front, the lights are in sync with the song playing on the radio... quite the spectator sport if you will, and they are quite used to people parked out front of their house!