Tuesday, April 27, 2010

time traveling in target

Yesterday, after a week of ridiculous pain & staying off my feet...I ventured out.

I am fortunate enough to live close to both mine & bug's parents, and quite frequently I have been known to dump my kids off during nap time at my parents house to run errands. Life not hassling with 2 car seats is bliss when in a rush.

So, in preparation for such a busy week as this I had a few stops. Target is always one I squeeze in there. I had a lengthy list: bug's birthday present, miss a's potty bribe, feet rattles for mr. b to entertain himself at church, supplies for the YW activity, check out cheap kids clothes, say hello to all the people you inadvertently run into (because Target is the place to be), peruse shoes...you know the drill.

My sister called me and upon finding out my location, had me check on a few things for her, which directed me over to the toy section. As I wandered up and down the aisles for a GI Joe...I stumbled upon 1980-something.

I stopped, and the memories flooded back. I remembered way back when at age 3, I had a weird freak accident (involving a wagon & a now penitent neighbor girl)...the end result: getting my only broken bone to this day, my collar bone. I don't remember much else about it all, but I do have one very strong memory. My aunt & cousin gave me my own Rainbow Brite doll. I was the luckiest little girl ever. I was ready to break more bones if this was always the end result.

I had to take a few deep breaths to bring me back to reality, back to aisle 14, back to Target, back to decades later.

I then ventured on, and right next to Rainbow Brite was Strawberry Shortcake. Now I know Strawberry has been back for a little while. But I guess I was still high from my memories, and I'll probably embarrassed myself more than I realize by admitting this next part...but I took a strawberry doll off the wall...and sniffed. Yep, still that same ridiculously sweet smell. More memories came flooding in.

I am probably out of it, and Rainbow has been around some time now and I am just rediscovering her. But I got giddy about my kids meeting my favorites: Rainbow Brite, Strawberry, She-Ra & He-Man, the smurfs...all back when it was actually worth it to get up early on a Saturday morning.

And don't worry, I'll taper back on the pain meds today so there won't be any more doll-sniffing or cardboard box-hugging behavior in the future.

But if a Shera doll comes along my path...all guarantees are off.

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