Friday, April 30, 2010


To the man who:

  • tells horribly funny jokes
  • puts our babies to bed at night
  • makes me laugh silly almost every day
  • has to have the same cereal every morning
  • loves eating Doritos covered in peanut butter
  • says "let talk" but ends up listening
  • took months & months to summon up the courage for our 1st kiss
  • works hard to support our family
  • orders a pizza at whatever restaurant we eat at
  • knows how to fix about anything
  • supports me in my callings
  • always seems to have a little caesars box in his car
  • gives "uncomfortably" long hugs
  • pays the bills
  • frolics at the park with our kids
  • excels at getting his MBA
  • taught me about the game of football when dating
  • puts up with me loosing interest in football since marriage
  • cooks delicious breakfasts on the weekends
  • loves drawing maps
  • brags embarrassingly about me & my crazy ventures
  • takes the garbage out
  • buys me fresh flowers weekly
  • never leaves my side during long labors
  • digs out our basement by hand
  • journals & reads scriptures daily
  • loves reading a good autobiography
  • cries with me
  • laughs with me
  • loves me
A big happy 30th birthday.



  1. Happy birthday B from C and J

  2. He is also a great honorary member at Girl's Camp. Who else could keep everyone laughing with a variety of characters and voices. And, you also have to admire his love of the movie, Rudy. Bless his heart.