Friday, April 23, 2010

the back cracker

It's been a little crazy around here. First off, I have taken some time off from blogland to venture over to facebook world. Thanks for the warm welcome over there. How crazy is it to reconnect with so many from the past?

I also have taken time off from life because Monday night my back suddenly went out on me. For those of you unfortunate to experience it, my deepest apologies. This has been extremely painful. I have to keep reminding myself I survived childbirth twice without the help of an epidural, so I can manage this...but I tell you, the pain is pretty intense. Thanks to the kind souls who have run over to help load kids in the car, brought in lunch, worked on my back for me, and called to check on me.

I did get into the chiropractor yesterday (who bug & I refer to as the back cracker), and he started prepping my back to work on it, icing it, and using electrodes to help "push the toxins out." Then he asked me to lay on my side. A simple task any other day. But it took me a full on 20 minutes to just get from my stomach to a standing position. I asked him "what side did you say again?" and his reply: "um, lets forget about that for today." Yep. He said I was too swollen to work on.

As a side note: I have closely started relating to Mr. B, rolling around on the bed. (viewing actually rolling over as a big accomplishment)

I am not yet 30, but shuffle around like a 90 year old. In fact the other night I asked Bug if we could possibly call one of his grandparents to see if they could spare a walker for me.

The chiropractor said icing religiously might get me back to 50% functioning.'s to 50% functioning & hoping.


  1. Worst news ever. Can we play parents to Abby and Ben on Monday? I'll call you.

  2. This does NOT sound good, I'm so sorry, good that you are trying to get some treatment now instead of just hoping it will heal up eventually.

  3. What a bummer! I would offer to help but honestly I'm not much better right now (but on the front side). I hope you get feeling better fast!!