Wednesday, August 15, 2012

summer bucket list

We are working on packing in the rest of our summer to-do list.  One of which was ride the rides at Liberty Park.  Which, for the record, scare Bug & I since they seem a little precarious but the kids LOVE.  The things you do for your kids, right?

B calls these Shorsies.

Nothing like an awkward picture taken by the 5 year old.
Pretty sure I laughed the entire time riding with this guy because he screamed (with delight) the entire time.
And, don't worry we were the only ones on the Ferris Wheel.

Loved our night at the park.  Now we just have to squeeze in a few more summer fun activities in the next week and a half.  (But aren't you proud of me...THREE blog posts in one day?)

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  1. The merry-go-round pictures are so cute! Love your jeans, too!