Friday, August 24, 2012

a date with Miss A

Last week Miss A had her Kindergarten open house.  We were all so excited we could hardly stand it.  And since this means summer is nearing its end, we decided to squeeze in some more of our bucket list in as well.

It was a perfect morning.  Bug ran the boys out to my moms while A and I got ready.  There may have been some slight misunderstanding that a certain someone thought they were actually starting school that day, but once that was cleared up all was well.

We met her teacher, which is a "Mr."
We found her desk, coat hook, and cubby.
She tentatively explored the playground and discovered where the bathroom is.
As she shyly made a few new friends, 
I was noting how she had at least 2 inches of height on all the other classmates.

I think we are ready.

Then we were off for a mickey mouse pancake for her, 
and a greek skillet for me and french toast for Bug at Eggs In The City.
Followed by a walk across the street where she picked out a small stuffed animal 
despite me wanting her to get an adorable lunch box, 
and Bug trying to push a pack of erasers as her purchase (due to the small price tag).

With time still to kill we also went to the library.
Bug reads a lot to the kids every night, but he has just started reading chapter books with Miss A.
They zipped through Charlotte's Web, and are now onto Matilda, which A loves because she is the same age as Matilda.  I love that we are all readers around here.

And then we made our way Liberty Park.  This time to ride the paddle boats.
A has been requesting this all summer.
I was just certain I didn't want to be in a boat with a two year old that couldn't be strapped down and who has no fear of water, so it was actually pleasant since it was just the three of us.
(Although next year if she insists on going again, we will be canoeing)

On the way back to pick up her brothers we talked and talked about all the different jobs people have.
I was impressed the Bug and I could come up with so many.
Then I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.
She didn't know.
So we came up with some more.
Still nothing.
So then I asked her if she could work at any place, where would be the most fun?
And without a moment's hesitation she said: "Grandma's House."

Can't believe it, but I think she's ready.  
I'm declaring her officially old enough for Kindergarten.

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