Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the halloween one

I shudder to think of the time when A finally realizes most people get to pick what they want to be for Halloween.  For now, I highly manipulate recommend what she will be each year.  And since I know the window of recommending is closing quickly I like the kiddos to have some sort of theme.

Last year they were Little Bo Peep and her Sheep.  This year they were yard art.

Behold the garden gnome.  This gnome ran at top speeds the entire evening.  And although he discarded the beard immediately, we count ourselves lucky he kept the hat on for most of the night.  Also, I did clue in and roll up his sleeves after the picture was taken as well.

 And every yard needs a pink flamingo.  (thanks to my mom for her mad sewing skills on this one)  A has a tutu, a wing cape, and tail feathers to complete her look.  What 4 year old girl can't resist dressing in that much pink I ask you?

 And for the first time in years, Bug and I got in on the action.  These are the greatest pictures, but they'll give you the idea.  Bug dressed up as my idol when I was 10: good old Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting.  You know the guy, the one with the Afro on PBS who always talked like he was high on something other than life?  And everything in his world was happy?  Which inspired my costume as a Happy Little Tree.

I don't want to brag, but we did win funniest costume.  
(But I think that might of had to do more with "bob's" dance moves.)

Also, when I explained what we were going to be to my mom, her reply was "remind me what Bob Villa has to do with a happy tree again?"  Good try mom, at least both are PBS superstars...

Anyway, it was a fun Halloween for us this year.  Complete with pumpkin decorating, preschool trick-or-treating, parties every weekend for the past several weeks, boo at the zoo, visits to pumpkin patches, and finally trick or treating as a family in great weather in the best neighborhood that includes homemade doughnuts at one neighbors and ends with us all cuddled around fire pits drinking hot chocolate at another's.

A was pretty disappointed that it was all over this morning.  
She said "Mom I have a good idea: maybe I should wear my flamingo costume for Christmas!"

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  1. I LOOOOOOOVE that you were Bob Ross and his happy little tree! It just makes me so happy! Wyatt does the best Bob Ross imitation, and it's part of the reason I married him:)

    You guys are awesome!