Thursday, January 27, 2011


I own a personality more prone to obsessive behaviors. If I stumble across something I like, then its all systems go. Sometimes this can be happy, like organizing the house, beefing up my BBC movie collection, or always wearing my seatbelt. Sometimes this can cause less than happy thoughts...

Lately my obsession: turning 30 this year. I know, I KNOW its not old. But it is.

The big birthday doesn't occur until much later this year, but still like I mentioned, I am obsessing.

Today I got my hair done. And I asked my young and trendy, 20-something-year-old hairdresser to stop and have a serious moment of truth with me. "Have you spotted any gray hairs?" She swore she hadn't and talked about the beauty of being blonde mixed in with "can't believe your really that old." But I am mortified that it's come to this.

Do I need to start putting special cream on my face? What trends are totally out for me once I cross over into the 30's that everyone will be secretly thinking "Oh honey, give it up. You are too old to pull that off." And I am anxiously awaiting for the first wrinkle and age spots to make their way onto my body. Urgh. What made it worse was Bug had me take an online health survey for our insurance, and basically my results were: "Nice try. But at your age we know you need to eat more fruits and veggies, and don't even think you can get away with drinking that much Dr. Pepper a day."

I love the '30 before 30 goals' that's circulating around blogland. I have composed most of mine, but still need a few "fun" ones to make it on there. (Most involve taking loads of this or that to the DI.) I also mentioned this to my young & hip hairdresser, which she mentioned skydiving. Skydiving? (My reaction alone to her might suggest I am actually turning 65) No no no. That will never do. I was thinking something more wild and crazy like getting my passport (without a destination and/or trip in mind) or planning on getting x number of pedi/mani's before know: totally zany, but do-able for this semi-restrained 29 year old.

To all my 30+ year old friends: tell me it gets infinitely better (lie if you have to).

I never considered myself one of "those people" that insists it's always their 29th birthday 25 years later. I really am working on embracing this whole new decade thing. But you see, I think its so difficult because my 20's were so good to me.

Maybe I am just not good at goodbyes?


  1. Not lying! I love the 30s. They are so much better than the 20s

  2. Thank you for feeling the same as me! Holy cow I am obsessing over this whole 30 thing. Please send me your list and please put on your list going to lunch :) Let's just enjoy the rest of our 20's.