Thursday, January 20, 2011

the new house

Hello again.

I have to warn you, loosing our last three remaining grandparents all under a year has been tough on us. Its seems I am more prone to being emotional lately. Since grandpa passed away, I find myself saving up stories to tell him, or the latest news he'd get a chuckle over. Then it hits me. I need someone else to start saving up stories for, I guess. So consider us on the market for some new grandparents. You know, ones that will let us come over on a whim, marvel at how wonderful our children are, and tell us over and over how proud they are of us. If you know of anyone...

At the funeral, I had several of you mention you were ready to see pictures of the house. I was hesitant up to now to post because I didn't want to hurt grandma or grandpas feelings. So, lets go for it.


As soon as you come in, you would see this in the entry way. The lamp: a purchased vase from the DI no less, made into a lamp (by my friend). And yes, that is a picture of our dog. The dog we loved, adored, had birthday parties for, and an entire wardrobe for (complete with little purple long johns). The same dog who is living with my parents since we gave them permanent custody.
The front room. If you'll remember I went from reds to blues, grays and golds. Love it. Bug loves my desire to design on a dime. We've already spent some good time in here.

Here's a good shot of a little chair my grandma used to sit on while she oil painted.

And, my latest find: this table full of character and charm. I am a full blown consignment lover.
Too bad I am too lazy to lighten up the color from the picture for you so you too can take it all in.
And yes, we do already have doilies, valentines and hearts littered about the house. (the hearts were saved from when the YW in my old ward "heart attacked" us) As I was putting up the valentine decor I remembered how it was last Valentines we celebrated by attending my grandma's funeral.

It does feel like home now. That always takes awhile, doesn't it?
My next big undertaking is the kitchen/dinning room. Big plans there. After that: tackle the pink bathroom...with the only plan so far involving a sledge hammer for major demo work.
I am also still putting together my list of new years resolutions. Does it count if I start working on them in February?
And, for those interested I have been called to Primary. I haven't been in primary since I was a kid. I teach the Valiant 8/9/10 year olds. I have already been teaching them all the important things in life, like scripture etiquette, what mascara is, and the song to books of the new testament. Not sure if they appreciate my sense of humor yet. Bug has also been called to be the cub scout den pack leader or something other. He is excited to lead the group in watermelon cheers and such.
That wraps this post up of all my this-and-that information. For my house picture desiree's: hope that quells your longing. For my YW readers that forbade me to be in the YWs in the new ward, you may now rejoice. And for everyone else: hang in there. I promise the next post will not include the themes involving funerals or death.


  1. Dear CC,

    I am deeply troubled to hear the Nikko is no longer part of the Yoho family. Would you give your parents permanent custody of A & B? I don't think so. As a proud parent of a four legged baby I don't know how you could do it. I must ask...WHY?!
    P.S I love your house and I would like a picture of the front of it. Oh and I will sit in that living room and drink tea with you one day.

  2. I feel priviledged to have been given the tour shortly after your move-in and I can see it is transforming quickly and beautifully! Happy New Year, we need to make a theatre date soon, miss you guys!

  3. THE. HORRIBLE.FACT THAT. I. AM. NOW. PART. OF. YOUR. "OLD WARD". REALLY TOOK A STAB AT MY HEART. p.s thanks for coming today it meant so much to have you there i love you :)