Monday, August 9, 2010


today I am thrilled to be posting on the blog without a month disappearing in between my last one.

today I am admiring the job my new power tool (a paint sprayer) accomplished this weekend:
turning the green table into gray
the red tv cabinet to gray, as well as adding a little sass to the doors. (you think I would remember to shut the doors before taking the picture)

and while this was a last week project, I might as well continue the admiration: a chair gifted to me, which I repainted and reupholstered (for the new casa).

the admiration continues as I love the newly covered footstools my mom took on (including me & my demands for piping and material).

today I've kissed this sweetheart about 30 times, and probably will kiss him about 30 more before the days over.
today my house smells like carrot cupcakes. mmm. I used the new kitchen aide mixer Bug & I sprung for (finally) as a joint anniversary present to each other. I was close to getting one four years ago, but that was due to someone forgetting to get me a present (he claimed he got me a house for my birthday. lame.) So after muchos apologies he offered to "run out and get a mixer." No way. My pride is too stubborn for that business.
today I finally let her open up the watercolor paints she's been begging to use. And oh my. I think she's discovered her new favorite hobby. We went out briefly to grocery shop, and I offered to buy her a donut (her favorite treat). "no thanks mom, I want to go home and paint some more." The girl I was back in high school totally understood.
Today I am figuring the new places to hang these masterpieces up to dry.
today I am loving spending the entire day at home (grocery shopping excluded of course). Even being the person I am, loving being on the go, July was a little overwhelming with all the places to be. Thank you August for letting us enjoy the Disney Princess songs filtering through the house, painters deeply concentrating, mixers whipping up frosting, quail-watching out our back window, and little boys sucking on bottles.


  1. Do you know how much I love you? Well I do. A lot a lot (2 "a lots" were intentional)

  2. Ooo, I love your "new" furniture! And nice color choice; I really like it!

  3. ahhh, isn't life good?
    p.s. you are so creative! Send some creative vibes my way please!