Monday, August 16, 2010

apologies to my bountiful friends

I have a confession. I am a complete novice when it comes to anything north of North Temple. I will confidently get you to where ever you need to go around the salt lake valley, even anywhere between here & Payson. Heck, I'll take you all the way to Vegas with out a worry.

But today I ventured up to Bountiful which is off my radar. Completely.

Confession: I had to google map how to get to main street in Bountiful. Please don't disown me, all the family & friends that reside there. I probably could get to your house (if I can get directions from Bug, or use trusty map quest).

A friend of mine's mother-in-law owns a very cute little shop on main street, All Tucked In. My friend called my up to tell me they were having a great sale (especially on shoes) and I was totally hooked. So after loading up my car, and picking up a friend on the way, I pulled out my google map and fortunately drove right to it.

I did utter a comment when getting a little anxious about find the ideal parking spot: "Sorry, I'm not from here." When my friend started laughing and said "but you do realize you live 20 minutes away, right?" Yep, new situations make me nervous I suppose.

After perusing the wonderful shop, and buying yummy suckers for the road, we hit the local craft store (also carefully map quested before hand) and then spontaneously hit a local thrift store. And I am drooling at the mouth at my discoveries. I have even found myself talking out loud about what "a great find that one was." More to come on that later.

Then we piled back into the car, and headed for a delicious wonder: Vito's. Also a tip from my friend. And good news my friends: I didn't need map quest to tell me how to get there. I simply figured it out on my own (with the help of my copilot). Suddenly I feel like a Bountiful native.

Who knows, you might find me there more often.


  1. You silly girl! I love you and love that you have ventured into God's country. We would love to have you more often. I can even draw you a map of how to get from there to my house :)

  2. I hear you. I can travel South any day but I am just not familiar/comfortable going North. I'm a big dork about it. But, I guess there's nothing quite like All Tucked In to convert you to Davis County.