Wednesday, April 7, 2010

top 10 from the weekend

We enjoyed a great Easter/conference/getaway all rolled into one happy weekend. We spent the time up at Bug's uncle & aunt's cabin. (the same family members associated with lighting our car on fire when we were wed) As you can imagine, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

And so without further ado, here are my 10 most memorable moments from Easter weekend:

01. the BIG hunt (although it wasn't so much hunting as it was shoveling the many goodies into the buckets)
02. loading up on the drugs so my kids could sleep through the night. You're right. Who am I trying to kid? It was so I could sleep through the night.
03. what sleep I was able to catch, it was spent on a lovely king-sized bed.

04. lots and lots of time spent playing in the snow. Miss A squealed with delight as she sped down the hill on the sled with her dad. 05. Miss A not wanting to go upstairs Sunday morning to see if the Easter Bunny came because, well please view the following picture of Miss A with her grandma at Breakfast with the Easter Bunny...

06. a good game of Settlers
07. watching a great movie Friday night
08. catching some great messages from General Conference
09. tasting Cherry Dr. Pepper for the first time...and LOVING it.
10. spending good one-on-one time with the Yoho cousins. Miss A had a blast with so many 2nd cousins around, and Mr. B was in heaven with all the attention he received.

And now we're back, I am brimming full of projects and major under-takings. But that's another post, isn't it?

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