Friday, April 9, 2010

Request Day

I am an obliging person. And lately I have received several requests when it comes to the blog. I am to fulfill your wishes.

First up, Request #1: Chels, here's a collage of Mr. B. Love this little guy. Now as I look back over the past several posts, I see he doesn't make it in here as often as his cute little self should. I will commit to do better. He is unbelievably easy-going. I love the picture of him closing his eyes, since I think I have a zillion pictures exactly like that of myself. We love our sensitive eyes around here. Also pictured: this boy upgraded to a crib. He is now room-sharing with his big sis. She is absolutely delighted. I think she was having a hard time that Mr. B got to sleep in mom & dad's room every night while she was solo down the hall. Good thing she wanted a roomie...not much choice around here.
Request #2: We want to see where you blog/craft/work from. Shame on you. Here it is in ALL its glory. Down in the dungeon of a basement. I didn't straighten a stitch for the picture either. So this folks, really is it. Don't let this visual of clutter kill you. Rather I would hope you gain some respect that I attempt writing humor while surrounded by this chaos.
And request #3: I have had some interested in a rundown of places I have had the pleasure to work. So without further ado, here is my resume of sorts as a social worker. (Misspellings done with full intentions)
  • Local School District working with the youth in custody, both at a high school, elementary school, juvenile prison, and main office.
  • LDS adoption agency
  • Vally Mentll Health-Forenscs Unit (worked with Bipolar, Schizophrenics, Domestic Violence Offenders, & Drug and Alcohol addicts)
  • Ut State Prison: worked with the men who were flagged as primarily having drug and alcohol addictions.
  • Home of Hope: worked with women who were court ordered for treatment due to drug abuse.

One of Bug's favorite things to volunteer me to do is tell my most "interesting" work stories in social gatherings. Bless him, & apologies if you have been detained due to such ramblings.

Well, folks. There you have it. Your top 3 requests...okay, okay. Make that your only requests.

As an added bonus for humoring me, I will remind you all to set your DVRs for this Sunday at 8 to channel 7 to watch Masterpiece's rendition of "The Diary of Anne Frank." Of if you are way old-school like us, we'll have to watch it live since we live DVR-less.

Happy weekend to all.


  1. I love everything about this. And, I love that picture of you in your craft/blog/etc. room. So cute of you. Great hair! And I love the clutter. I have one of those rooms, too (doesn't everyone with a small house?). Though mine makes yours look spic and span. Mine's a serious disaster.

  2. Good work on the picture. The lighting makes it so you can't tell that there are no ceilings. I do remember a request for a picture of you modeling your onion goggles.

  3. You're the best for following through on my request. That Mister B sure is a cutie!