Tuesday, February 16, 2010

head above water

deep sigh. I made it through the weekend. thanks to everyone for all the thoughtfulness & support. Death isn't ever easy, and it's never welcomed. Here's a great picture of my sweet grandma and grandpa. back together again...
goodbye grandma. I remember you pouring me a very large glass of milk. which I loathe more than anything. but I didn't want to hurt your feelings. so I drank it. all of it. that was well over 2 decades ago, and the last time that yucky stuff passed by my lips (excluding in my cereal, of course.) I will miss you: the way you smelled, the way you laughed, your quirks, and love for adventure.
and as for the rest of you, yes we too tried to celebrate valentines day. it wasn't a priority with funerals and viewings and church meetings, but still turned out nicely.
thanks to my love I made it through the weekend. he put up with sudden tears, long distance destinations, humoring me with my favorite fry sauce, and too many other thoughtful acts to mention here.

for his valentines day present this year, I went the super cheesy mile and did a little something every day for 14 days.
for my valentines, he got the hint and bought me a new favorite piece of jewelry. (most of you may remember I blogged about it, linking him to exactly where he needed to go for everything.)
Other moments that helped me keep my head above water this weekend:
president's day sales
shopping with my cousins, sisters & mom
eating the best fish tacos ever
trying out our new treadmill
reconnecting with aunts, uncles, & cousins galore
masterpiece classics Sunday's at 8: I still don't love Northanger Abbey, but the movie was good. what do the rest of you think?
my sister tending miss A
miss A coming down the stairs in this get-up
another highlight: notice the little brown rectangle in between the outlet and light switch. That tiny little button has now been wired to open our garage door. Bug is quite the handy man.

I love Restoration Hardware's selection of doorbells, and we had to think of a purpose for this one...just hope miss A never figures out what it does.

okay, okay. back to cleaning the kitchen.


  1. I am so sorry about your Grandma. It is such a hard thing to say good bye, I hope the days are getting easier for you and your family.

  2. What a nice tribute to your Grandma. I remember when my Grandma died in High School. You gave me a card with this quote in it. "Sometimes God calms the storms. Sometimes He lets the sotrm rage and calms the child."