Friday, August 10, 2012

our july

She turned five.  Five!  I can't believe it.  On her special day she confided in me that although she was five, she didn't feel five.  I asked her how old she felt.  She said "I still feel like I'm four. Hmm.  Maybe I'll feel more like I'm five tomorrow."
 The day was filled with fun.  Fun with friends at the zoo, fun with mom getting her nails done, and fun with family at the park.  She also requested a cupcake cake with pink frosting.  This girl is still all about pink.

p.s. we are major fans of the new exhibits at the zoo

Baby C is gets a lot of loves from his cousins

After partying at the park we enjoyed Slurpee's on the porch.  Miss A said: "Oh look what the sun gave me for my birthday-a pink sky!"

I know she's still only five, but it seems like the days a zipping by so fast that the moments of her sitting in her favorite sparkle covered princess dress will soon just be a remote memory.  Love this little girl.

 And lately it seems Mr. B has been MIA on the blog, so here he is at his finest: enjoying some overhead train action.
 And Baby C is our little cooing, smiling machine.  Love this baby.  Already 3 months have slipped by us. Pretty sad about that.  Wish there was a way to bottle up snuggling with him so it would last forever.

 In other news, we spent an adventurous weekend at a cabin with my parents and sisters kids.  I think the screaming didn't stop since we arrived until we got in the car to go.  Sure did miss our "Colorado Cousins" that weekend as well.  You know its going to be a fun time when Candy Land and bunk beds are on the itinerary.

 Nothing beats eating a powdered doughnut.

 And this kid crawled in and out of his bed so many times, he eventually ended up sleeping with me in the double-sized bed while Bug spent the night on the floor.  It's a good thing he's so cute...

And lastly, Bug and I celebrated nine years together this summer.  Nine years, three different houses, three kids, and it still seems like it was yesterday.  Sure am glad that I get many more with this guy.  (Who knows me well enough by now that on our anniversary date night commented that since I wasn't wearing jewelry must be because I was expecting to be getting some.  Well, now that you mention it...)
Can't believe the summer is almost at a close.  But it seems like I say that about everything these days.  Darn it that it goes by all too quickly.


  1. Some things I love about this: A. still "feeling four". How cute is that? B.'s face while the candles are being blown out. Precious. Your really great green pants. And the cutest photo of you with flowers on your anniversary. Maybe you could have squeezed Bug in that photo so we could see who you've been married to for nine years.

  2. Love the update. Love your cutest family. Love that A it a sunset for her birthday. And B'a little mischievous face and baby C just being sweet ad perfect. Happy nine years to a remarkable pair. xoxo