Friday, February 11, 2011

for the picture lover

Hello friends. Just checking in.We are all excited about Valentine's Day around here. In fact, just returned from delivering these delectable little bubble gum necklaces to some special Valentine's. (pictured a little better below...A is showing you that you can eat the necklace) I have a treasure hunt in mind for the kids, and we were able to get a babysitter (thanks mom) last minute so Bug & I could escape. Can't wait.

Also, after working (yet again) our behinds off we put our old house on the market. And after one week, a flurry of calls, showing the house, while also getting a crash course on land-lording we are excited to have tenants. I have to tell you, it will be totally weird to have someone else inhabit our house. Up til now we could still drop by on a whim. And it also makes it all the more bittersweet since the basement is newly remodeled, the stairwell painted just how I wanted 4 years ago, the 'purple' room now the 'yellow' room, new carpet everywhere, and the deepest cleaning the house has ever seen. Ever. And can I even admit that while putting the for 'for rent' sign out, Bug & I shared a moment of silence? Does anyone else need some happiness after all this rental chitchat? How about a photo op. If you would have chanced by on the night Bug had class this week, you would have found most of us dressed up (aka everyone except me).
In fact, maybe we do this a lot? And should I worry Mr. B is happiest most when holding a spoon?Also, if A sees my camera out and about she fills it up with little beauties like this one. (lion in his crib) There are also a lot of up-the-nose shots too. One day when she's a famous photographer, maybe I'll go public with these.

Until next week. (I have a few 30 before 30 goals to cross off with you, and I am sharing my all-time favorite recipe).



  1. They are so cute and getting BIG!...time for another :)

  2. "Mr. B" in the tutu has been one of the best parts of my day. Hahaha. xo

  3. I can't believe how big A looks. Wow, it hasn't been that long since I've seen her, has it? Good times, you always have the best ideas.