Monday, February 21, 2011

everyone deserves one

Apologies if this post is too chipper. I am coming off a high from a perfectly delightful weekend. Everything was just what I needed it to be.

Saturday, my friends, was the crowning jewel this weekend. It started out with family pulling up in trucks and trailers, chainsaws and work gloves in tow to remove our tree. It was fast, and relatively painless, leaving me with plenty of time to reflect on the blessing of family.
Then I took off with A to Target. I had promised her a Strawberry Shortcake surprise if she lived up to her end of the bargain. We perused all the aisles enjoying the day, when I got a call from a dear, dear friend telling me to get home. Surprised, I called Bug. He said she had arranged this a few days previous, and wanted to kidnap me. So, I suddenly found my day went from being great to fantastic.

She pulled up with a fresh Dr. Pepper and non-kid friendly music blasting out memories of high school. She promptly handed me a paper listed with many fabulous and thoughtful ideas on our "Jolly Holiday with Holli" day. You should have seen my smile.

And because its us, and our love for things old-made-new-again, we skipped the movies and pedi appointment and went consignment/antique shopping. I tell you, if you have never set foot in a consignment store before YOU are missing out! Seriously. Should I suddenly turn this into why I love them? Unleash the passion on you? I'll keep it simple with 3 reasons to love them: 1. I feel its a more responsible way to shop. 2. I feel like a treasure hunter. 3. It satisfies that desire in me to have things in my home that not everyone else has too.

My friends, I know we all have days when we need to be kidnapped. My advice, do it. Go grab your friend now and pull off blasting your tunes and sipping that special drink of choice. And if you want to do it "Jolly Holiday with Holli" style this is where you go:

Emilie Jayne: 801 S. 800 E. our favorite consignment, hands down. Love the color coordination, and the owners pickiness in what they re-sale.

Second Hand Chic: 2006 S. 900 E. good. They also color coordinate, but I found I wasn't as tempted to purchase.

Home Again: 1019 E. 2100 S. (also one in midvale) The first consignment I stumbled into. ever. Some of my best staple furniture pieces came from here. I always try and squeeze in a visit when possible.

Abode: 1720 S. 900 E. more on the antique-ish type stuff. This is where you get a lot of corks for a buck, and such.

Moriarty's Antiques and Curiosities: 959 S West Temple. The place is huge, the workers nice. A little overpriced for what I am there for, but I still found a treasure or two (that are now prominently displayed in B's room).

Euro Treasures: 470 W 600 S-right as you get off the freeway. I must warn you, we went there for the first time Saturday and a few of my thoughts were: "why am I wearing a white shirt?" "good thing I recently got my tetanus shot." "when can we come back?" I loved this place. Picture a huge warehouse packed so full of old stain glass windows, millions of chairs, tables, dressers, doors, old fireplace mantels, and everything else you can imagine jammed in there so full you have to turn side ways in some places and carefully balance your way through. I can't lie. It felt like Christmas morning walking in there. My head was reeling with project possibilities. The business card for this place says "liquidating the largest collection of European antiques ever sold." At this point in the day we started sending pictures of us sitting amongst all the chairs to our husbands back fathering at home, and receiving texts back saying they were cancelling credit cards and declaring bankruptcy now.

And don't forget to stop for lunch (also mentally appreciating that you don't have to share your fries with the 3 year old, or rearrange the drinks on the table so the 1 year old won't pull it all onto the floor). We stopped at my ALL TIME favorite bakery: Gourmandies 250 S 300 E. After splitting a panini with the perfect consistency of gooey cheese, we both settled in to enjoy the rice pudding. I tell you, this is my gateway into bliss.

So, go on out and have your own Jolly Holiday with Holli. Heck you can really even kidnap and bring me along (I'll tell you the best places to park).

And if you have never been in a consignment store before: promise me you'll go.

And if you have and weren't impressed you weren't in a good one. Try one of mine.

And if your located down south I even have some favorites down there. Let me know and I'll pass those along too.

And if you are already a connoisseur of consignments-I am always giddy to try new ones...pass them along.

But in the end, just take off for the day. We can hold off yet til the sunshine is a permanent fixture in our lives again.

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  1. If someone doesn't know how to enjoy a good consignment shop, then they need some serious help. They can be taught! Love these shops! Love love love!