Sunday, February 28, 2010

small pleasures

this week kicked my butt. seriously. I even have a bruise to prove it. but there are some highlights I would like to share that have helped me through the tough weather:

I bought my 1st pair of these. why didn't I do this a whole lot earlier?

I found this darling website for free toys. (think paper dolls & stuff)

thank you to this site I now pay 99 cents for a full disc of music (or a gloriously low 10 cents a song). hence, a little bit of garth brooks, taylor swift, owl city, and feist have made their way {cheaply} onto my mp3 player.

bug & I had a {much needed} date night out, although he offered to use the time to order in a pizza so I could keep up on my huge list of projects. instead we went here, here and here.

and lastly, thank you to a friend for lending me this treasure for my ultimate viewing pleasure. elizabeth gaskell: why haven't I discovered you until now?

cheers to a shorter to-do list this week.

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