Wednesday, February 3, 2010

making the plunge


Here I am once more in a more public format. I hated going private. Well, I actually hated the creepers that made me feel it was inevitable. So, here's to a new start here.

Things may be a bit different than before. Dear kind readers, thanks for going on this wild ride with me. Maybe I'll think of a clever little giveaway soon to reward you for staying with me.

And, here's to hoping that soon this new place will feel like home...


  1. very very excited about the plunge! i look forward to seeing more posts about the Y's life's in my google reader each morning. i missed those, a lot. have to say A looks absolutely adorable (and so grown up) in the sidebar pictures. oh, we miss her!

  2. oops, should have said lives, not life's... right? oh, i don't know now?

  3. I like it! The blue is giving off good vibes...

  4. I love the new format. I love how creative you are, its always fun to read your blog!